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Whenever you move a Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) expect door-to-door service for any type of vehicle. If for any reason your community does not allow the truck to come to your exact location, you can easily coordinate a meeting place and time with the driver.

Once the schedule for pickup, delivery and transportation costs are confirmed, you will be sent a terms and conditions form to sign and return.

The carrier will and should call you 24 hours in advance to coordinate the time and date of pickup and delivery. You will also receive a copy of the contract, called the Bill of Lading, at pickup and delivery.

If you are not offered a copy of the Bill of Lading, request one. And if for any reason you cannot be at home when your vehicle is picked up, you can have someone act on your behalf, whether it’s family, a neighbor or a friend. And remember to remind them to get a copy of the Bill of Lading when the vehicle is picked up.


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